Faraland v0.2.15 Changelog

Link download v0.2.15 (Android): https://bit.ly/3px50P0 Link backup 1 (Android): https://bit.ly/3Ax5LxL Link backup 2 (Android): https://bit.ly/3POEcEF Link backup 3 (Android): https://bit.ly/3c6jr9m Link download v0.2.15 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3K4Vhsm Link backup 1 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3RcmP1F Link backup 2 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3CgPBtu Link backup 3 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3CdHPRj PvE 📌Display the remaining number of Grima Bosses within the day and count down to … Continue reading Faraland v0.2.15 Changelog

Faraland v0.2.14 Changelog

Link download v0.2.14 (Android): https://bit.ly/3QaCONt Link backup 1 (Android): https://bit.ly/3A61y3U Link backup 2 (Android): https://bit.ly/3bGnbOJ Link backup 3 (Android): https://bit.ly/3BRXWne Link download v0.2.14 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3zKEzdi Link backup 1 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3bJ6WAy Link backup 2 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3QxV42S Link backup 3 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3dguSeW PvE 📌 New Partner Quest event: Faraland x HoneyComb (will be started at 2 PM … Continue reading Faraland v0.2.14 Changelog

Faraland v0.2.13 Changelog

Link download v0.2.13 (Android): https://bit.ly/3o7I33W Link backup 1 (Android): https://bit.ly/3IHa5g7 Link backup 2 (Android): https://bit.ly/3aHixzq Link backup 3 (Android): https://bit.ly/3yKEdTt Link download v0.2.13 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3OaodQ8 Link backup 1 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3c5De8y Link backup 2 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3IVjX6p Link backup 3 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3RDL7Cs PvE 📌 New Partner Quest event: Faraland x BSCStation (will be started at 2PM UTC … Continue reading Faraland v0.2.13 Changelog