Faraland v0.2.14 Changelog

Link download v0.2.14 (Android): https://bit.ly/3QaCONt Link backup 1 (Android): https://bit.ly/3A61y3U Link backup 2 (Android): https://bit.ly/3bGnbOJ Link backup 3 (Android): https://bit.ly/3BRXWne Link download v0.2.14 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3zKEzdi Link backup 1 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3bJ6WAy Link backup 2 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3QxV42S Link backup 3 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3dguSeW PvE 📌 New Partner Quest event: Faraland x HoneyComb (will be started at 2 PM … Continue reading Faraland v0.2.14 Changelog

Faraland v0.2.13 Changelog

Link download v0.2.13 (Android): https://bit.ly/3o7I33W Link backup 1 (Android): https://bit.ly/3IHa5g7 Link backup 2 (Android): https://bit.ly/3aHixzq Link backup 3 (Android): https://bit.ly/3yKEdTt Link download v0.2.13 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3OaodQ8 Link backup 1 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3c5De8y Link backup 2 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3IVjX6p Link backup 3 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3RDL7Cs PvE 📌 New Partner Quest event: Faraland x BSCStation (will be started at 2PM UTC … Continue reading Faraland v0.2.13 Changelog

Commitment policy for PvP mode fairness

After 3 officially launched Tournaments, the number of participants and the amount of reward have soared greatly. However, we have spotted many situations where players are unsporting, which affected the tournament final results and others’ experience. Therefore, we are going to implement special algorithms onto the match history tracking system in order to guarantee fairness … Continue reading Commitment policy for PvP mode fairness

Introducing Skill Slot

The 0.2.12 Version of Faraland has been released with plenty of fascinating new features, with Skill Book function in the PvP mode being the selling point. With a constantly diversified in-game Skill system, we are also introducing mechanisms that allow players to interact with heroes’ Skill Trees and Skill Books right from within the game, … Continue reading Introducing Skill Slot

Faraland v0.2.12 Changelog

Link download v0.2.12 (Android): https://bit.ly/3I76cAY Link backup 1 (Android): https://bit.ly/3uiYWwh Link backup 2 (Android): https://bit.ly/3ugccBU Link backup 3 (Android): https://bit.ly/3R2V7EX Link download v0.2.12 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3yyXatr Link backup 1 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3Al4BWw Link backup 2 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3I8nTQH Link backup 3 (iOS): https://bit.ly/3I7b6ho New Feature 📌Added Elemental Advantage for PvE & PvP mode 📌Release New Partner Quest – … Continue reading Faraland v0.2.12 Changelog